SimplyEffective was created to help individuals and organizations identify, assess and develop their talent. We have decades of experience working on four continents, having seen first hand how not to do it, we embarked on a mission to help people and organizations get it right. Improving results, increasing effectiveness and leveraging profits through higher performance.

We use a competency based approach because it offers a clear and integrated set of dimensions against which present and future performance can be measured. The framework we use (Lominger) has been adopted by half of the Fortune 500 companies.

To learn how you or anyone can learn to be SimplyEffective Please visit:

  • Events – For workshops for Individuals and Managers
  • Solutions – For programs for organizations
  • Coaching – For individuals who want to grow or change

For more information, CALLĀ (858) 246-6210 or EMAIL david@simplyeffective.co


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